Protect and advance the power of immigrant and refugee communities through a multiracial, multilingual, and multi-faith coalition. Our organizing strategy educates and mobilizes statewide to uphold and defend the rights and dignity of all immigrants and refugees, centering the voices of impacted communities.


The state of Washington is home to over 943,000 immigrants and receives the 8th most refugees among states. Many groups of, by and for immigrants and refugees have been working around the state for decades. In the face of the proliferating threats unleashed on us by the Trump administration, we have coalesced to form the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network.

WAISN is the largest immigrant-led coalition in the Washington. We are a powerful, volunteer-driven network of immigrant and refugee-rights organizations and individuals distributed across the state that strives to protect, serve and strengthen communities across the state. We work to provide support, capacity and resources to organizations’ efforts to build power and a united voice statewide. We initially came together in November 2016, in response to the outcome of the presidential election.

We are made up of over 100 organizational members, with backgrounds and specialization in law, education, policy, direct services, labor, and more. Our members include over 500 rapid-response verifiers around the state ready to respond to ICE attacks. We provide an ICE reporting hotline – 1-844-724-3737 – a text-message alert system – text “JOIN” to 253-201-2833 – and resources in multiple languages.