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Deportation Defense

There are many ways to help a person facing deportation, including but not limited to, finding the person a good attorney, advocating privately to an elected official, holding local authorities accountable to end collusion with ICE/CBP or accompanying the person to immigration court or a check in. #DeportationDefense

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Keep Washington Working

Washington State Legislature passed the Keep Washington Working Act to protect the rights of immigrant communities from unnecessary contact with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement and CBP (Customs and Border Patrol). The new law requires that police and jails change their practices and policies to ensure the privacy of all Washingtonians by doing the following:

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Take Action

We can’t deny the real impact the news of potential immigration raids have had in our communities. Our communities are alarmed but we must remind our families and community of our power!

Our communities are ready to defend our families! Lets continue to give them the tools and opportunity to rise up. We are ready, We are coming! #Not1More